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Education & Safety | Electrical Safety Tips

Electric outlets and extension cords should not be overloaded.
An outlet or extension cord with too many plugs can cause a fire.

Electric appliances that can get hot—such as toasters, irons and light bulbs—should be kept away from things that can burn.
Cloth, paper and other things that can burn can catch on fire if left too close.

Electric cords should not run under rugs, furniture legs, or near hot appliances.
When an electrical cord gets too hot, it can be hazardous.

Safety caps should be inserted in outlets when small children are around.

It is extremely dangerously to stick anything into a plug because serious shock may occur. Crawling babies and toddlers need protection from this type of accident.

All extension cords, lights and appliances used outside should be labeled “for outdoor use.”
Only heavy duty cords can be used outside without damage from sun and rain.

Be sure to carry appliances by the handle, not the cord.

Carrying an appliance by the cord or plug will damage the cord. A damaged cord could give someone an electrical shock.

Make sure electrical cords are in good condition.
An electrical cord that is worn or frayed can give you a serious electrical shock.

Small appliances should not be used near water.
Electricity and water don’t mix!
Hair dryers, electric radios, rice cookers or any other electrical appliances should not be close to sinks and tubs in the bathroom and kitchen.