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Electrical power is linked to every aspect of our lives. Producing enough power to serve the island economically and reliability means we can maintain our quality of life, create a stable, growing economy, and provide important services for our schools and other institutions.

GPA is leading the way in exploring alternative ways of producing power that are both economical and environmentally responsible. In 2007, we announced the process and timetable for bringing everyone together to discuss our island’s needs and the solutions that will be right for our whole community. This jump start means that today we are well along the way towards developing the new sources of energy that will be needed for our changing world.

GPA’s strategic planning criteria
  • Reliable electric service continues to be a key issue for Guam. While significant gains have been made, it is important to continue to improve.
  • The GPA plants that generate the island’s electrical power have a significant environmental footprint. Future energy resources must be in keeping with evolving renewable resource goals.
  • The current generating fleet is dependent on oil-based fuels, but GPA has a goal of diversifying its generation resources.
  • The IRP stakeholder process recognizes that GPA’s customers desire a more meaningful dialog with the Authority on issues that affect them. The Department of Defense expansion will impact the electrical power infrastructure. GPA should exchange and provide information to DOD NEPA during the IRP process.

GPA Integrated Resource Plan Forum (April 14, 2014)
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