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Customer Service | Delinquent Disconnections

The Guam Power Authority will be disconnecting electric utility and private streetlight accounts 30 days or more past due to delinquent customers islandwide.

GPA customers whose electric utility account(s) are delinquent are advised to make payment directly to GPA Customer Service to avoid reconnection charges. Disconnected utilities accounts maybe without service for up to 24 hours due to high volume. Customers are strongly urged to keep their electric utilities accounts current.

Reminder: Customers whose electric utility accounts are disconnected for five working days or more must reapply for electric service with all charges to be assessed. Also, customers whose electric utility accounts are delinquent must render payment at GPA Customer Service at the Gloria B. Nelson Public Service Building, 688 Route 15 Fadian, Mangilao.

If you have not received your billing statement, or require information regarding your electric account(s), please contact any GPA Customer Service Office. Thank you for your prompt payment. Si Yu'os Ma'ase.