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Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP submitted this final report related to the Management and Operational Assessment of Guam Power Authority on September 23, 2009. The final report is comprised of an executive summary and nine sections covering the areas of our review. In addition, the staffing and productivity study is summarized in a written report.


GPA Transmittal Letter Download 92 kB pdf

Executive Summary 092309 Download 2.1 MB pdf
Staffing and Productivity 092309 Download 1.7 MB pdf
Corporate Governance 092309 Download 2.7 MB pdf
Strategic Planning 092309 Download 544 kB pdf
Accountability and Performance 092309 Download 960 kB pdf
Transmission & Distribution 092309 Download 3.2 MB pdf
Generation Report 092309 Download 88 kB pdf
Customer Service 092309 Download 1.4 MB pdf

Information Technology 092309 Download 1.7 MB pdf

Financial Strength 092309 Download 488 kB pdf

Staffing & Productivity Study Report 092309 Download 2.7 MB pdf