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Authority Policies
P.L. No. 34-5.pdf
“In compliance with Public Law 34-05, relative to require policies/procedures to be posted on the Agency’s website.”

AP-025 Standardization Committee.pdf
AP-066 Temporary Power Installation.pdf
AP-072 Net Metering Program Interconnection Policy.pdf

Internal Audit
SP-121 Meter Tampering-Illegal Hookup - Investigating & Rptng Procedures (REV) 1.04.19.pdf
SP-141 Procedures for the Conduct of Internal Audits 7.02.19.pdf
AP-073 Charter of the GPA Internal Audit Office REVISED 3_21_19.pdf

Planning & Regulatory Division
SOP-052 Used Oil Transfer to Used Oil Facility.pdf

Supply Management Administration
AP-081 Issuance Procedure of Non-Inventory Tools and or Equipment.pdf
AP-075 Inventory Obsolescence Policy.pdf
AP-027 Supply Management.pdf