Stay Cool - Lower Energy Consumption

photo of air conditionerEarn a rebate with an energy-efficient air conditioner and lower your energy consumption. GPA offers rebates when you buy a GPA program-qualified air conditioner. Rebates range between $100 to $800 depending on system size and efficiency.
Contact a vendor listed here to purchase AC systems that qualify. Qualified vendors provide rebate forms to customers at the time of purchase. You must properly dispose of old equipment with a professional recycler in order to qualify for a rebate.
Visit the Recycling Association of Guam for more information on where to dispose of your old equipment. Failure to comply with, or attempts to circumvent, program requirements would negate your rebate, which would occur as an additional charge on your GPA bill.

Energy-Saving Tips

  • Maintain your air conditioner. Replacing or cleaning your air filters could lower your energy consumption. Clean your air evaporator coil yearly. Clean leaves from the fan and compressor. Pass a stiff wire through your unit’s drain to prevent clogs. Replace the seals around a window air conditioner.
  • Install and set a programmable thermostat. It could help save cooling costs.
  • Don't heat your home with appliances. On hot days, consider using an outdoor grill instead of your oven.
  • Install energy-efficient window coverings that let natural light in and prevent solar heat gain.
  • Use the bathroom fan when taking a shower or bath and a range hood when cooking. This helps remove heat and humidity from your home.

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