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Welcome to GPA Energy Sense

Here you will find ways to save energy. GPA wants to help:

  • Keep your home cool and lower your energy consumption.
  • Decrease Guam’s use of fossil fuels, reduce pollution, and protect our natural resources.
  • Keep more money on island to help our local economy.

House lights at dusk.

Did you know?

The average residential customer uses 880 kWh per month.
At current rates, this costs $2,145 annually, or $10,725 over 5 years.
To generate that much electricity, GPA must burn 690 gallons of oil every year.

Air Conditioning

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Half of the average residential power bill comes from air conditioning, so you may have room for improvement.

Clothes Washers & Dryers


Replacing washers and dryers with energy efficient models helps save energy.

Energy Saving Tips

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Use these energy-saving tips to reduce your energy consumption.

Energy Audit

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A home energy audit is helpful in finding ways to make your home more energy efficient.