GPA's Smart Grid Program

18 September 2012

The Guam Power Authority’s Smart Grid (SG) Project is preparing to begin rolling out the first 5,000 SG meters to customers in parts of the Central and Northern villages in October.  The advanced digital meters are part of the Authority’s SG Initiative to provide upgraded meters that will provide accurate electricity consumption for customers.  Funding for the SG meters are from the Authority’s 2010 Revenue Bonds with matching Department of Energy grant funding on a dollar for dollar basis.

“By this time next year, advanced SG meters will be able to provide customers with daily energy consumption information,” stated John M. Benavente, P.E. General Manager – Consolidate Utility Services, “SG meter technology will also provide accurate energy consumption, outage information and location as well as voltage quality to customers and GPA – the rollout of SG meters into the field is the first important step in this process.

Customers will be notified of their meter installation by postcards in the mail as well as frequent media advisories of the location of SG meter installations.  GPA’s authorized SG meter installation contractor, APEX, will be installing meters to customers.

“Customers will only have to ensure that the location of their GPA meter(s) is accessible and cleared of obstruction(s),” stated Benavente, “Installation will only take minutes.  There will be a very brief interruption of power as the new SG Meter is installed.