We're upgrading to advanced digital

GPA is replacing its old analog meters with digital "Smart" Meters. This is the first step toward Guam's Smart Grid project that will modernize our Island Wide Power System.

Smart Meters will be installed in homes across the island. There is no cost to you for the new meters. Here's what will happen when the GPA meters are switched in your village.

• You'll be sent a postcard to let you know work is beginning in your area.
• You will need to make sure there is 3-foot clearance around the meter.
• There will be only a brief power outage while meters are switched.
• You may need to reset some devices such as clocks.
• You do not have to be home when the meters are exchanged.
• The meter personnel may come more than once.
• Your next power bill will show usage from both old and new meters.

How to Read Your Smart Meter