We're upgrading to
advanced digital smart meters

GPA is replacing its old analog meters with digital "Smart" Meters. This is the first step toward Guam's Smart Grid project that will modernize our Island Wide Power System.

Smart Meters will be installed in homes across the island. There is no cost to you for the new meters.

Here's what will happen when the GPA meters are switched in your village.

• You'll be sent a postcard to let you know work is beginning in your area.
• You will need to make sure there is 3-foot clearance around the meter.
• There will be only a brief power outage while meters are switched.
• You may need to reset some devices such as clocks.
• You do not have to be home when the meters are exchanged.
• The meter personnel may come more than once.
• Your next power bill will show usage from both old and new meters.


Smart Grid
is smart for guam

Lowering energy costs. With more information from Smart Meters you and your family can monitor your energy use, find ways to save, and predict your monthly bill before it arrives in the mail.

Diversifying our island's energy sources lowers power cost over time. Smart Grid allows use of alternative fuels and renewable power from solar and wind installations.

Rapid troubleshooting. When something goes wrong, Smart Grid pinpoints the problem allowing GPA repair crews to restore service faster.

Support of latest energy solutions! For example, the Smart Grid will facilitate electric vehicle charging stations. Guam will be ready to use other new technologies and more innovations in future decades.
Smart Meters

The World Health Organization says that the radio frequency (RF) energy produced by smart meters is not harmful to human health, and it's well below limits set by the FCC.

Health Issues
- In-depth review of the scientific literature by the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that the small amount of radio frequency (RF) energy produced by smart meters is not harmful to human health. RF emitted by smart meters is well below the limits set by Federal Communications Commission and it is below levels produced by other common household devices like cell phones, baby monitors, satellite TVs, and microwaves. In fact, you would have to be exposed to the RF from a smart meter for 375 years to get a dose equivalent to that of one year of 15-minutes-per-day cell phone use. No credible evidence shows any threat to human health from RF emissions at or below RF exposure limits developed by the FCC.

Reports regarding
Health Issues

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Smart Meters

Smart Meters contain no personal information. Consumption and power quality information is sent for seconds at a time for under two minutes per day and are fully encrypted.
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