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operations | Strategic Planning and Operations Research and Studies

Cost of Cycling: SPORD initiated the study of operations efficiencies of GPA baseload units and potential costs associated with additional maintenance and equipment life loss due to cycling unit loading and operations.

Ebill/Epay (PayGPA)
In October 2005, as required by law, GPA implemented an online credit card payment service via the GPA website. The customer is able to take advantage of an easy payment process after a quick online registration, as well as access to some account information, historical billings and payments.

Energy & Fuel Forecast
In anticipation for new growth and budget planning, SPORD contracted P.L. Mangilao Consortium to develop a forecast for the next 20 years for load and energy sales as well as for fuel prices. An investigation of Guam’s economy, current and potential, as well as weather influences and historical data was conducted to produce four scenarios for forecasting: High Tourism / High Infrastructure, High Tourism / Low Infrastructure, Low Tourism / High Infrastructure, and Baseline scenarios. This investigation sparked an update in a mainland based economic research company, Moody’ regarding GPA’s potential economic boom. Energy and fuel forecasts from this contract were used in the 2008 and 2012 Integrated Resource Plans.

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Energy Storage Feasibility Study

GPA looks towards energy storage to address GPA performance to unit outages.  GPA intends to address increased penetration of renewables, particularly solar PV systems, using energy storage systems along with new high inertia power generating units.  test Download 15.4 MB pdf

GWA Wastewater PMC & Task Force Support
SPORD continues to provide support for addressing water and wastewater utility concerns.
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Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

Since 2008, GPA has been working with various consultants to develop its planning document addressing environmental issues, fuel pricing, customer growth and O&M costs.  GPA's most recent Integrated Resource Plan looks toward fuel transition from oil to gas, investment into new highly efficient power generating units, and retiring older units to address increasingly stringent emission standards and optimize operating costs. 
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Network Improvements
GPA upgraded the network concurrently with the purchase of the new Voice Over IP phone system. Among the improvements were: incorporation of real network securities, updating of software and licenses, installation of servers, as well as establishment of a local mail server.
View FY 2007 IT Strategic Plan Download 2.66 MB pdf

Renewable Resource Acquisition
In 2008 GPA was authorized to initiate acquisition of contracts for renewable energy.  In its two phase approach GPA intends to acquire up 80 MW of renewable energy capacity through Power Purchase Agreements.  Phase I was awarded in 2011 and contracts for a total of 35 MW of renewable energy capacity were issued to Quantum Guam Power and Pacific Green Resources. 

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Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC)
Realizing global environmental concerns and the need for fuel diversity, SPORD initiated an alternative energy project using deep cold sea water and heat transfer theory for air conditioning cooling, which is a technology currently used in Hawaii. A feasibility study was completed in 2006. GPA continues to meet with stakeholders and is developing a business plan for project implementation.
Read the Executive Summary. Download 788 kB pdf

Smart Grid Initiative Grant (FY 2010 - FY2014)
Guam Power Authority received a $16.7 million ARRA Smart Grid Initiative Grant from the Department of Energy to implement a comprehensive deployment of Smart Grid technologies. GPA floated bonds in FY 2010 to come up with the matching $16.7 million.This project is a transformational project to bring Guam's power grid into the 21st century. Click here for the latest information


Strategic Plan
The Strategic Plan is used for finding resolutions or strategies to address new issues.  GPA
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This project was required to address concerns with the Customer Services and Financial Management System. The implementation of this new software allows easy access for reporting and work order tracking. 

Utility Energy Services - Demand Side Management Program
In 2010, GPA issued two RFP's to acquire Energy Service Partners that would assist GPA in addressing demand side management opportunities for its Federal and Large Commercial Customers.  The intention of this program is to aid in identifying and implementing cost saving measures through energy conservation or small renewable projects at the customer's expense.  Through this program, GPA assisted the Guam Energy Office in executing ARRA Grant Funded projects to various government agencies and completed preliminary audits for several customers.  GPA continues to work with these customers in addressing their needs.