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Village Meeting Issue #9 Response

Issue #9: GPA should purchase vehicles that are cheaper instead of purchasing “Ford Explorers” and “Expensive SUVs” to read power meters or buying big trucks instead of utility trucks

GPA’s fleet purchases are not out of line with electric industry norms. Buying the appropriate vehicles for the job is a prudent practice. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) keeps statistics on the United States Energy Industry including Electric Utilities. In 1993, the Energy Information Administration published a survey on what types of vehicles make up Electric Utility transportation fleets. Figure 1 compares the make up of GPA’s vehicle fleet against this survey. This survey can be used to construct average percentages for vehicle types within an electric utility’s fleet. The percentages will vary with the individual utility due to operations philosophies, availability of vehicles, type of work performed in-house, terrain, and the characteristics of the equipment used.

Figures 1 show GPA’s current fleet make up benchmarked against the 1993 EIA survey. Many of GPA’s vehicles are very old and will be soon retired and replaced.

Figure 1, Benchmark of GPA Fleet Composition Compared to Energy Information Administration 1993 Electric Utility Fleet Survey - As of June 10, 2007

Large Cars, Mid-Sized Cars and Mini-Vans
GPA does not have these types of vehicles in its fleet. GPA has chosen to purchase other vehicle types instead. This accounts for some of the discrepancies between the 1993 Benchmarking Survey Averages and actual GPA vehicle inventory.

Sport/Utility Vehicles
The percent of SUVs in GPA’s fleet are just a little larger than the average for the EIA survey. Nine out of 26 of these vehicles are over ten years old. GPA intends to replace 3 of these old vehicles in FY 2007.

Medium/Heavy Duty
In the figure above, Guam Power Authority is light on Medium/Heavy Duty vehicles such as cranes, forklifts, flatbeds, and bucket trucks. Six out of 91 of these vehicles are over eighteen years old. This fiscal year GPA intends to add one vehicle in this category.

Large Pickups and Small Pickups

On average, the percent of Large Pickups is greater than for Small Pickups. GPA’s Large Pickups are little more than the average survey. Thirty-five out of 76 of these vehicles are over ten years old. This fiscal year GPA intends to replace one old vehicle in this category.

GPA’s Small Pickups are a lot more than the average survey, but this somewhat makes up for GPA not using Large Cars or Mid-Sized Cars. Forty-four out of 62 of these vehicles are over ten years old. These vehicles are will be retired soon and must be replaced. This would bring the number of vehicles in this category to about 10% of total fleet.

Full-Size Vans
GPA does not use mini-vans. Its Full-Size Vans are very close to the average survey. Out of the 29 Full-Sized Vans in the fleet, 23 are more than 10 old. These vehicles are will be retired soon.

Compact Cars
GPA’s Compact Cars are little over the survey average as shown in Figure 1. Thirty-six out of 47 of these vehicles are over ten years old. These vehicles are will be retired soon and must soon be replaced.

View GPA Fleet Inventory (as of June 19, 2007)

Table 1 - Compact Cars

Table 2 - Full Size Vans

Table 3 - Large Pickups

Table 4 - Medium / Heavy Duty Vehicles

Table 5 - Small Pickups

Table 6 - Sport/Utility Vehicles (SUV's)

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