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Village Meeting Issue #10 Response

Issue #10: GPA should bring back its “Guam Energy Sense” Program on energy rebates

In 2000, Guam Power Authority terminated its successful “Guam Energy Sense” Demand-Side Management (DSM) Program. The reason was that GPA could no longer afford the program.

The Authority’s Demand-Side Management Program created a new industry and new jobs in the area of energy efficient equipment and energy conservation services. It was created in 1994 and helped thousands of businesses and residents save money on their power bill. It also created a market for high energy efficiency electric appliances.

Without DSM market incentives to purchase better, energy efficient appliances, the Guam market has reverted to low efficiency, less expensive appliances at the expense of increasing electric consumption. For example, many of the air conditioners being sold in the market today are not really high energy efficiency ones despite the marketing.

GPA is looking to revive the Demand Side Management program. This DSM program focused on air conditioners, water heaters and commercial lighting. GPA has hired a consultant(s) to investigate and update the DSM program. Due to funding issues this project is put on hold. GPA’s Integrated Resource Program will consider how much DSM through rebates for energy efficiency makes good sense.

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