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Village Meeting Issue #14 Response

Issue #14: Alternative energy methods should be part of Authority’s plans to reduce reliance on fossil fuels

The Guam Power Authority is looking at seven supply-side technologies as candidates to supply future power needs:

  1. A coal-fired plant
  2. A liquefied natural gas-fired plant
  3. Re-powering the Moth-balled Piti Power Plant using the heat created by TEMES CT
  4. A biomass-fired plant
  5. A 20 MW wind turbine farm
  6. A residual fuel oil-fired plant (slow speed or medium speed diesel)
  7. Sea Water Air Conditioning as a substitute for electric-powered chillers for large air conditioning users along Tumon Bay.
Furthermore, the Authority will be launching a stakeholder based Integrated Resource Plan process. GPA will meet with various sectors or stakeholders in the community to discuss assumptions and methodologies. During this process, GPA may consider adding additional technologies for consideration.

The following are additional information on generation resource candidates and the Sea Water Air Conditioning feasibility study summary:

Generation Resource Option Characteristics

Guam Sea Water Air Conditioning Feasibility Study (Executive Summary)

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