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Below are GPA Engineering Specifications.  If you are interested in a particular specification, be certain to click on the specific link to the GPA Specification Number.



Specification Number/pdf


E-001 Rev.2 377 kB pdf

15 kv Underground Power Cable, Single Conductor with Concentric Neutral, Type MV-90, Extruded TR-XLPE Insulation

E-002 Rev.1 513 kB pdf

Connectors; 15 KV Load Break Separable

E-003 Rev.10 350 kB pdf

Single Phase Pad Mounted Distribution Transformer

E-004 Rev.9 358 kB pdf

Three Phase Pad Mounted Distribution Transformer

E-005 Rev.4 224 kB pdf

High Pressure Sodium Luminaries and Mast Arms

E-008 Rev.3 1.14 MB pdf

Insulators; Suspension, Vertical Type and Post Type, Spool and Guy Strain

E-010 Rev.3 499 kB pdf

Fastener Hardware's; Machine Bolt, Double Arming Bolt, Double Armning Eye Bolt, Lag Screw, Washer & Nut

E-011 Rev.2 380 kB pdf

Conductor Clamps; Clevis and Shield Wire Support: Strain, Straight and Angle

E-012 Rev.11 461 kB pdf

Single Phase Pole Mounted Distribution Transformer

E-013 Rev.2 319 MB pdf

35 KV Underground Power Cable, Single Conductor Type MV-90, Shielded, TR-XLP insulation

E-014 Rev.2 837 kB pdf

Miscellaneous Hardware; Mounting Stud, Angle Brace, Staple, Strand Vise, Guy Guard, Clevis Eye Connector, Alley  Guy, Armor Rod

E-015  638 kB pdf

Connectors; 600 Volt Sealed Insulated Underground

E-016 Rev.8 518 kB pdf

Conductor Connectors ; Split Bolt, Wedge, Stirrup, Hot line, Parrallel Splice and Ground Rod Clamp

E-018  701 kB pdf

12 KV Distribution Lightning Arrester

E-019 Rev.2 1.07 MB pdf

Overhead Cutouts and Accessories

E-021   1.73 MB pdf

Polymer Composite Insulators 115 KV Supspension, Line Posts, Station and 34.5 KV Horizontal Line Post Clamp Top

E-022 Rev.3 872 kB pdf

Secondary Overhead Cable: 600 Volt

E-023   535 kB pdf

15 KV Fuses

E-024 Rev.3 182 kB pdf

Secondary Underground Cable: 600 Volt

E-027 Rev.2 765 kB pdf

Ground Operated, Load Break Distribution Switch, 600 Amps, Three Phase, Overhead

E-035 Rev.2 1.96 MB pdf

Class A (Self-Supporting) and Class B (Guyed) Concrete Poles for Transmission & Distribution Systems

E-043 Rev.6 453 kB pdf

Light Emmitting Diode LED Street Light Luminaires

E-044 Rev.1 333 kB pdf

Crossarms: Wooden 8 Foot and 10 Foot

E-045 Rev. 1 313 kB pdf 35 kv XLPE Underground Cable Single Conductor Shielded 1000 KCMIL Aluminum

E-048 Rev.1 187 kB pdf

600 Amp Dead Break Separable Insulated Connectors

E-053 500 kB pdf Fiberglass Crossarm



Specification Number/pdf


E-006  Rev.1 157 kB pdf

34.5 KV Station Type Surge Arresters

E-007 Rev.2 1.04 MB pdf

Potential Transformer, Outdoor Type

E-017 Rev.5 1.781 MB pdf

34.5 KV AC Power Gas Circuit Breakers Outdoor Type

E-020 Rev.3 712 kB pdf

Pole Mounted Distribution Capacitors

E-025 Rev.2 604 kB pdf

Control & Relay Panel

E-026 Rev.3 2.232 MB pdf 34.5/13.8 kV Generation Power Transformer Outdoor Type 30/45/60 MVA

E-028  5.38 MB pdf

SCADA Remote Terminal Units

E-029 Rev.3 516 kB pdf

13.8 KV Switchgear

E-030 Rev.4 1.583 MB pdf

34.5 KV Switchgear

E-031  5.36 MB pdf

Mobile Substation

E-034 Rev.5   2.130MB pdf  

34 5 KV/ 13 8 KV 18/24/30 MVA Power Transformer Outdoor Type

E-036 Rev.1 964 kB pdf

Remote Supervisory, Group Operated Distribution Switch, 600 Amps, Three Phase Overhead

E-037 Rev.2 2.64 MB pdf

Station Grounding Transformer

E-038  1.711 MB pdf

Pad Mounted Distribution Switch, Outdoor, 600 Amps, Three Phase

E-039  890 kB pdf

115 kV AC Power Gas Circuit Breakers Outdoor Type

E-040 1.511MB pdf

Substation Power Meters for Large US Military Installations

E-041 Rev.1 213 kB pdf

Station Battery Bank

E-042 Rev.2 701 kB pdf

Station Battery Charger

E-046 Rev.1 268 kB pdf

Fault Current Indicator: Overhead Distribution

E-047 Rev.1 715 kB pdf

Substation Metal - Enclosed Capacitor Bank

E-049 Rev.0 2.299 MB pdf 115KV/34.5KV 80/100/112 MVA Substation Power Transformer Outdoor Type
E-050 Rev.0 1.176 MB pdf 115KV/13.8KV 60/80 MVA Generation Power Transformer Outdoor Type

E-051 Rev.0 582kB pdf

Three Pole Group Operated Air Disconnect Switch

E-052 Rev.0 504kb pdf 34.5 kV Pad Mounted Station Service Transformer