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Brown Treesnake Control Annual Progress Report For Guam Power Authority, Fiscal Year 2005
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Joaquin C. Flores Presentation to GEO Conference (June 2006)
Download the presentation 1.44 MB pdf

John Benavente Presentation to CCU - "GWA: Entering into a Public / Private
Partnership" (November 2005)
Download the presentation 1.14 MB pps

Presentation to Guam Contractor's Association - "Update on GPA and GWA" (November 2005)
Download the presentation 808 kB pps

GPA Employee Briefing (November 2005)
Download the presentation 111 kB pps

GPA implemented new billing software from AMX International in October 2005.
PayGPA online, credit cards, and debit cards accepted November 2005.
Download PayGPA Instructions 720 kB pdf

14th Pacific Power Association Conference (August 2005)
View 3 papers presented by GPA

2005 Guam Economic Development Conference
Download 56 kB pdf

4th Western Micronesian Chief Executive Summit (April 2005)
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Press Release Archive